Fleas at all stages of life are able to withstand large shifts in temperature. Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean your pet is safe. Fleas can survive in lows as cold as 28F and highs up to 95F.

Fleas have four stages of life: egg, larvae, pupae and adult. All stages can live and cause problems on your pet and in your house.

Flea eggs fall off an infested pet as it travels around your house. Be sure to treat the rest of your house after you’ve treated your pet.

Fleas can jump 50-100 times their body length thanks to an elastic pad made out of a protein called resillin. It tenses like a spring and they catapult themselves into the air.

A female flea can start laying eggs within 24 hours of feeding and mating, and has the ability to produce 40-50 eggs per day.  That’s hundreds of eggs in a few days!