Introduction: Welcome to My Monthly Blog Posts!

By Dr. Edward G. Brauer III

Hello to all of our wonderful clients! This is Dr. Edward G. Brauer III, you may recognize my name because of my father, Dr. Edward G. Brauer II. I left Marquette, Michigan after graduating from Marquette Senior High School in 2013 to attend Michigan State University. From there, I had the opportunity to meet many friends, share life-long memories, and earn my doctorate in veterinary medicine all in the short span of 7 years. 

During my last few years in veterinary school, I did a lot of soul searching as to where I wanted to go after graduation to practice medicine. On one hand, I could go and practice somewhere else in the State in order to build my confidence. On the other hand, I have my father and his clinic where I can easily practice my way of medicine and learn from his years of experience. 

The choice for me was not easy at first. I personally felt that the clients here had an expectation from the son of a great veterinarian. I also felt there would be a sort of hesitation/resentment when a client sees a very new and very young veterinarian. However, I realized something when I had the opportunity to come back and work at Marquette Veterinary Clinic during a few externships: the community and the people of the Upper Peninsula are a different breed of people. They are kind, compassionate, and hardy folk which I can not say about other people in other parts of the world. You all have welcomed me with a smile and open ears during my externships. That type of welcoming atmosphere was one of the biggest reasons I chose to come back; to provide good medicine for the community and people that raised and helped mold me into the man I have become today. 

As a new veterinarian, it is my duty to educate clients on animal healthcare. That is why I will take it upon myself to provide you with a blog post every month on certain topics of veterinary medicine that are important to you as pet owners. I feel that this is part of me giving back and saying thank you. I look forward to eventually meeting you all face-to-face and to providing good and affordable veterinary care to my fellow Yoopers.