One thing pet owners can have difficulties with is covering medical cost for their pet in times of emergencies or when a major surgery is required. Some surgeries and medical procedures can sometimes cost anywhere from a couple hundred to thousands of dollars to properly treat their pet. Why does it cost so much? Depending on whether you bring your animal to a referral center or primary care clinic, these absorbent costs are a reflection of the increased costs to provide medical services for your pet.   

One way owners can help with covering the cost of care for their pet is to look into pet health insurance. There are many companies nowadays that carry pet health insurance (Nationwide, Spot, ASPCA, etc.). Insurance companies sadly do not cover any pre-existing conditions your pet may have, but many of the premiums usually cost around $30-40 per month depending on the species and breed of animal.  Insurance companies will typically offer different packages that can cover just catastrophic events all the way to routine yearly health care plans.   Once owners pay the veterinary clinic for their services, they can then submit the claim to their insurance provider for reimbursement.  

Granted, not all premiums and health insurance coverage are the same. It’s wise to do some research and talk to multiple different insurance companies to get the best quote and coverage for your pets so that veterinary bills will be more manageable for you as an owner.